[Contributed] 1:10 scale pro stock remote car racing


Mustafa Alp from the Polytechnic University of Milan sent us a great video of his implementation in OpenOCL.

Minor release OpenOCL v3.20


Minor release OpenOCL 3.20 with a fix for the Simulator. Get it here. In the upcoming weeks we are expecting a major release where the backend of OpenOCL is implemented in C++, and following that OpenOCL will become a Python interface.

New release OpenOCL v3.11


We are happy to announce that OpenOCL v3 is ready and released. It contains many improvements with respect to the previous version and also some API changes. If you come from an earlier version see the release notes that contains a list of changes below. Otherwise you can directly go to the download page of OpenOCL v3.11 or pull the latest version from the master branch.

API docs are now on the website!

Go to api-docs to view all classes, methods, and functions that you need to implement optimal control problems with OpenOCL. The API should be almost complete for all public functions. It will be gradually extended as the toolbox evolves.